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Galway Glamping

Last weekend I had the honor and privilege of being chief bridesmaid for my best friend. But as you know one of the duties of a bridesmaid is to organise a kick-ass hen party! So I wanted to do something a little special. Even though my first choice would have been to jet off somewhere special, Budget was the main factor in my decision making this time.

We are at that age where every second person we know is getting married (I've been invited to SIX weddings this year!) so I was looking for a location that was cheap and cheerful, but above all fun!

The bride is adventurous and well travelled so I hit the jackpot when I came across Galway glamping, a super cool spot just outside of Tuam. I booked us into their Mongolian Yurts for the night and decided to pay homage to my friend's travels by organising a full-moon theme!

The Accommodation was so quirky and cool and not at all like camping, complete with proper beds, showers and and fully plumbed toilets. We were also given our very own social area and a cute swing and the option for a campfire.

We opted for the team building style activity and were put through our paces with a blindfolded obstacle course, which was absolutely hilarious! We followed this up with a Yummy BBQ that was organised onsite for us and then got ready for the night ahead.

Of course it wouldn't be a full-moon party without the essentials, UV paint, Glo sticks and buckets full of booze. We were allowed to bring all of our own food and drink and this helped with the budget a lot.

The owners helped us to organise a bus into Galway city where we danced the night away and got up to all sorts of mischief.....

I would highly recommend Galway glamping for a hen party or a girls night, the staff took excellent care of us and left us to our own devices and most importantly, the bride and her hens had a ball :)
Love from the girls x

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