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Travel Media Awards

For a blog that is basically still in its infancy, I was thrilled to learn that Where's Clair had been nominated for Best New Travel Blog at the Travel Media Awards. Better still, I made it to the top four finalists, which I could not have even imagined at this stage. When I first began to write in January of this year, I realised that I hadn't done any "creative writing" since my leaving cert. Naturally I didn't expect to win any awards for it! 

As predicted, I missed out on the award, as Gary Quinn was a very deserving winner for his column BarFly an account of his travels around Ireland in search of the best pubs the country has to offer. I was so honoured to have been shortlisted with two other very talented writers Michelle Jackson The Novel Traveller and the lovely Una-Minh Kavanagh with her lovely heart warming blog about travelling with her Mother Before My Mam Dies

The event was packed full of fun and I met some lovely fellow bloggers Tara and Kelly. Luckily, I didn't go home empty handed, because although I didn't win the award, I did manage to swing a prize in the raffle, a very cool goodie bag from Emirates. So, Silver Linings eh?!

Here's hoping I will make it back there next year. Oh, and thank you so much to all who voted for me!

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